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Selling your home in Metrowest MA? It Pays to interview a Top Realtor!

There are thousands of Real Estate agents that service the Metrowest Boston area. There are, however, vast differences in the skill level, services offered, and marketing efforts of the Realtors that cover towns in Metrowest MA.

Lets start by analyzing the many things a Metrowest MA Realtor can do for you to market your home besides putting it in MLS. The local newspaper used to be a good source for marketing homes. The Metrowest Daily News and Boston Globe were the dominant sources for for marketing homes in Metrowest MA over the last decade. Buyers however, don't frequent these sources like they used to when looking for a home in Metrowest MA. All the newspaper resources that used to be so successful in the past for advertising and marketing your Metrowest MA home, just don't work anymore. The volume of calls received from these sources has dwindled severely. The Boston Globe has seen the trend progress and because of this has started to put a lot of their resources into making the real estate section of a better place for Metrowest MA Realtors to market their homes. The website is owned by the Boston Globe.

It is clear that the Internet is where any good Realtor marketing homes in Metrowest MA should be putting their efforts. A year ago 70% of all buyers were beginning their search on the Internet. Now more than 85% are looking and finding their homes on the Internet. Hiring a Metrowest MA Realtor who is Internet savvy, has the technology in place, and can provide you with an abundance of Internet exposure has become an absolute necessity in todays market. Internet marketing has become one of the most effective means to sell your Metrowest MA home.

Some of the the sites to market a home on the Internet include is a consumer friendly website that allows buyers to see homes that are on MLS throughout the country. has the largest volume of traffic for real estate related websites. While viewing homes in, you will notice big differences in how Realtors market their homes there. A good Realtor will take the time to "enhance" the listing. As a Realtor, you are allowed to add up to twenty photos of the property you are marketing. Survey after survey says that the photos are the most important tool to market a home. The phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words" is never more evident than in Real Estate. Realtors are also able to write their own custom text to help buyers understand what the best features are about the property. Many of the Realtors in Metrowest MA do nothing to "enhance" their properties. This is a big mistake!

The most heavily traveled real estate company website happens to be the company I work for RE/ RE/ is similar to in that you are able to see all the properties on the market from one website. When going to competing companies websites such as and you are only able to view their respective company listings.

One of the latest sites to effectively market a Metrowest MA home is Zillow initially was more of a site to get a quick evaluation of your homes value but is now being used as a site to market homes. As a Realtor, you are able to enhance listings with multiple photos and descriptions. A valuable tool in marketing your Metrowest MA home, as this is a heavily traveled site. Another site that is also starting to make some headway is and yet another good site is

Along with these sites you would think that all Metrowest MA Realtors would have search engine optimized, lead generating websites. Many Metrowest MA agents do not and rely on company websites. My personal website, allows buyers to sign up to receive MLS access as well as to get emailed daily when a new property comes on the market that matches their search criteria.

One of the newest and most important ways to market a home in Metrowest MA is through blogging. Blogs are an excellent means to get noticed by the search engines. Some of the best agents from around the country have figured this out and are now blogging like crazy. One of the best Real Estate platforms to blog on is Active Rain and Both of these sites are very well recognized by the search engines such as Google and draw traffic to the Realtors who use them. Blogs are personal. Blogs provide buyers and sellers with great information, tips, advice, news, market reports, and promotion of properties. Here are examples of some of my recent blog posts:
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Social networking sites are also raising the bar on how a property can be marketed. For example see my Metrowest MA Real Estate site on This is an example of a site I created to draw additional traffic to my listings as well as myself. Some other important social networking sites are stumbleupon, digg, and These sites allows users to post their favorite Internet sites for others to see under different topics. Real Estate is always a popular topic. These sites allow your website to become more visible. As a top Metrowest MA Realtor, I like to take advantage of these sites. It does not pay to be a "secret agent" in Real Estate. Flickr is also a site where you can post photos. I use this site to market homes I am selling in and around Metrowest MA.

Thinking of selling your home in Metrowest MA? Want a top RE/MAX agent that knows how to market homes - Contact Bill Gassett, RE/MAX Executive Realty via email at or by phone at 508-435-5356.

I am the team leader of the #2 RE/MAX Team in Massachusetts. I service the following towns in Metrowest MA: Hopkinton, Milford, Upton, Southboro, Westboro, Ashland, Holliston, Mendon, Hopedale, Medway, Grafton, Northbridge, Uxbridge, and Framingham MA.

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RE/MAX Executive Realty continues to dominate Hopkinton MA Market share!

Market share for Hopkinton MA from July of 2006 - July of 2007.

Below are the top ten offices ranked by position in Hopkinton. RE/MAX Executive Realty continues to hold the #1 position by a substantial margin. The statistic that jumps out above everything else is that RE/MAX Executive has 23 in-house sales....meaning they were the listing and selling agent for the property. The next closest company has 7 and that is combining both the century 21 companies together. This is extremely impressive information.

The other stat that immediately jumps out is the fact that RE/MAX Executive has a substantial lead in the amount of transaction sides which totals 119! The nearest competitor has 49 and that again is combining both C-21 offices. Coldwell Banker is next with 25. Clearly RE/MAX Executive Realty dominates in Hopkinton Real Estate Sales.

RE/MAX lists and sells more property than any other agency in the world!

Market Share - All Offices
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Report Run: 7/18/2007 2:36:30 PM Property Type(s): SF, CC, MF, LD, CI Start Date: 7/18/2006 End Date: 7/18/2007 Towns: Hopkinton, MA

Listed & SoldUnits $ Vol
Listed/Not SoldUnits $ Vol
Sold/Not ListedUnits $ Vol
TotalUnits $ Vol
Sides%/$ Vol
RE/MAX Executive Realty Hopkinton, MA 01748
23 20,687,084
44 23,857,910
29 19,013,293
96 63,558,287
119 23.64
Century 21 Commonwealth Hopkinton, MA 01748
4 6,075,400
14 9,774,450
8 5,636,500
26 21,486,350
30 7.99
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Framingham Framingham, MA 01701
3 4,365,850
10 6,775,600
9 5,810,341
22 16,951,791
25 6.31
Century 21 Westward Homes Hopkinton, MA 01748
3 4,058,000
13 11,395,484
16 15,453,484
19 5.75
STAR REALTY Hopkinton Hopkinton, MA 01748
2 2,102,000
8 5,016,500
4 3,045,935
14 10,164,435
16 3.78
Berkshire Realty Group Southborough, MA 01772
7 8,111,600
3 1,901,340
10 10,012,940
17 3.72
Hallmark Realty Hopkinton, MA 01748
2 3,976,600
5 3,133,500
7 7,110,100
9 2.64
RE/MAX First Choice R. E. Northborough, MA 01532
2 1,606,000
6 2,966,900
5 2,293,000
13 6,865,900
15 2.55
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Northborough Regional Office Northborough, MA 01532
4 2,532,405
4 3,692,000
8 6,224,405
8 2.32
Non Member Office Shrewsbury, MA 01545
6 3,336,275
6 3,336,275
6 1.24

Total Listings Selected: 232 Unit Dollar Volume: $268,858,878.00 * Unit Dollar Volume calculated using double count method

©2007 MLS Property Information Network, Inc.

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Bill Gassett is the top agent at RE/MAX Executive Realty, a seven office company with locations in Hopkinton, Holliston, Franklin, Medfield, Natick, Grafton, and Upton.

Bill Gassett specializes in marketing homes in the following towns: Hopkinton, Southboro, Milford, Upton, Ashland, Holliston, Upton, Westboro, Mendon, Hopedale, Medway, Northbridge, Grafton, and Framingham.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Selling your home in Metrowest MA...don't waste your time with contingent sales and 1st right of refusal

The thought of ever recommending a seller client accept an offer contingent upon the sale of another property is just down right foolish. I don't care what kind of market it is either...seller's, buyer's, or neutral - it makes no difference. It doesn't matter if the offer is full price either. An offer contingent on another property selling means one thing - YOU LOSE CONTROL OF THE PROCESS!! With no guarantees of anything.

How do you know that the contingent home is priced properly? What if it isn't and the seller does not reduce the price? Are you beginning to see the picture clearly here? When you accept a home sale contingency you have taken your home off the market and are at the mercy of the contingent home selling.

What is even more amusing is when an agent presents an offer with a home sale contingency that is rejected and proceeds to ask if my seller client would accept a right of 1st refusal instead?
I find that many agents don't even truly understand what a right of 1st refusal is? When you allow a buyer that can't purchase a home without selling theirs(contingent sale) to have a right of 1st refusal you are doing the seller a tremendous disservice.

If I am marketing a home and a legitimate buyer comes along that wants to purchase this home I don't want to cloud the negotiations by telling them we must wait 24-48 hours(the typical time allowed) to give another buyer their "1st right of refusal". Why on earth would I want to have to call another buyer who doesn't qualify to purchase the house to ask them if they would like to exercise their "right of 1st refusal"? This is pointless waste of time. I have found that there are agents that will allow this because it gives them a small sense of accomplishment.....even though they have accomplished nothing. Giving a buyer who doesn't qualify a "right of 1st refusal" could cause the seller to end up with nothing if the ready, willing, and able buyer walks away out of frustration. To go one step further...what if the buyer exercises the "right of 1st refusal"? Sure you could add language that says they would forfeit their deposit if they did not close as stipulated but is that worth losing the buyer that could have purchased the home without any of this mess?? Is their deposit enough to mitigate a lost buyer? In a buyer's/weak market where prices are falling, it would never be worth the risk.

The only time it would make any sense to accept a right of 1st refusal is if the buyer did not have anything to sell and could step forward to purchase right away if the seller required them to do so.

So If you don't want to lose control of your sale and be stuck with one of these in your front yard.... Stay away from home sale contingencies and right of 1st refusals.

If your home is not selling you can always reduce the price to attract more buyers. I emphasize YOU because the control of the process remains in your hands.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate Website

Do you live in Metrowest MA? Are you thinking about selling your home? Want to work

with a top RE/MAX agent who has been in the business for 22+ years? An agent who

believes that marketing heavily over the internet is crucial in your selling success?

Please check out this terrific site that offers some great information relating to Metrowest

MA Real Estate. I am a dedicated individual that has a passion for my business. I will invest
the time and energy necessary for you to have a great experience selling your home.
At my Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate website you will see all the tools I am using to market my clients homes in and around Metrowest Massachusetts.
The towns that I cover for home sales include Hopkinton, Westboro, Southboro, Milford, Holliston, Ashland, Upton, Medway, Mendon, Hopedale, Grafton, Northbridge, Douglas, Uxbridge, and Framingham.