Monday, October 15, 2007 ~ An Excellent Mortgage Website

Have you ever stopped by the site the worlds largest mortgage community? If you haven't, you really should as it is an excellent resource for those in need of anything related to mortgages. You can get countless questions answered on a variety of topics as they relate to mortgages and real estate.

You can get your questions answered by some of the brightest minds in the mortgage industry "who have been there and done that". The site also provides resources to numerous lenders so that you can shop and compare rates. Lastly, while visiting and shopping for rates you can use some of the fantastic mortgage calculators they offer.

Below is a sample of some of the most recent question and answers at mortgagefit on a variety of topics.

I conducted initial legal research while the client was in m by angiedeangelis5 (Updated 8 hours ago)
caran please answer im in fla by sara m (Updated 13 hours ago)
Multi property owner. by gloria.shelton (Updated 5 hours ago)
simple assumption by (Updated 1 hour ago)
Will a simple assumption loan relieve my husband of all fina by waitesusie (Updated 1 hour ago)
Verification Of Deposit by tatejrchaz (Updated 10 minuts ago)
Will by sjr (Updated 11 hours ago)
First time buyer penalty for buying parent home by Lee (Updated 7 minuts ago)
Should we get lower rates once FRM rates go down? by Rene (Updated 40 secons ago)
Credit Score by Jeff (Updated 2 hours ago)
quitclaim deed by robin collins (Updated 51 hours ago)
Are there legitimate sources for poor credit home loans? by schweds (Updated 5 hours ago)

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