Monday, July 7, 2008

Springwood Estates Hopkinton Massachusetts

Springwood Estates
in Hopkinton Massachusetts is one of the more popular neighborhoods in town. One of the big attractions with Springwood Estates is that it is the largest subdivision in Hopkinton. When people relocate from other parts of the country they are not used to our smaller neighborhoods in Metrowest Massachusetts. In other areas of the country it is not unusual to have 300+ homes in a neighborhood. Most of the subdivisions in the Metrowest area have 50 homes or under. The relocating buyer is able to take advantage of the larger neighborhood that they are accustomed to at Springwood.

The home pictured above is a resale that my team just sold at 15 Gibbon Road in an older section of the Springwood neighborhood. The home sold for 5k over the asking price of $729,900.
You can read more about this Springwood Estates Hopkinton home and view interior photos by clicking the link. The price point in Springwood ranges from the 600's all the way up to a million+ for the new homes that are presently being built by Ron Nation of 20th Century Homes.

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