Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hopkinton Community Endowment (HCE)

The 6th annual Hopkinton Community Endowment telethon will take place on October 19th. The telethon will take place at the HCAM studios located in the lower level of 77 Main Street Hopkinton MA. Approximately sixty callers will take 90 minute shifts soliciting pledged donations. During the telethon there will also be taped talent acts and live interviews.

The hopkinton Community Endowment fund was created in 1997 as a means to lessen the tax burden of Hopkinton Mass residents. The concept came about due to the construction of the new Hopkinton High School at the time. There were many residents of the town that wanted to vote in favor of the new high school but in the process knew they would be voting themselves out of town due to the increased taxes.

According to Chuck Joseph, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Endowment, this group was formed to bring tax relief to Hopkinton's townspeople. Joseph said "that they knew there was no means to funnel money to individuals. But, with the concept of the Endowment, they could look at the towns capital projects, and through private fund raising, cover the costs of certain projects, thus clearing them off the debt and lowering people's tax burden."

The fund was put to good use by presenting $29,000 to the Hopkinton Police Department for a new police cruiser. The police cruiser, once a budget line item, can now be removed from the tax debt.

After five years of telethons and Hopkinton business commitments, the endowment has reached $400,000 of direct charitable contributions. The original goal was to hit a million before a disbursement was made but the group decided it was a good time to show the power of the endowment by purchasing the cruiser.

This years telethon will have a very entertaining and meaningful format. There will be a Hopkinton trivia contest where callers can venture guesses at answers and win prizes. For example did you know that Edward Hopkins after which the town was named never came to Hopkinton? Who built the Hopkinton Reservoir and why? These are the tupe of questions that will be asked.

Folks this is a great cause and tax deductible too! Any donations you can make would be great. You are helping the current people in Hopkinton as well as future generations! " Give a gift leave a legacy!"

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