Thursday, December 18, 2008

Massachusetts Short Sale Realtor

Do you own a home in the Metrowest Massachusetts area and are considering a short sale? Working with someone or even a team of people that know how to successfully complete a short sale is very important. There is no room for error in picking a Realtor to work with when doing a short sale because you are very likely not to far away from having to deal with a foreclosure.

The last thing you want as a homeowner is to experience a foreclosure. Besides the fact you are losing your home, your credit will be damaged for years. Here are a few articles that I have written that will explain short sales, a deed in lieu of foreclosure and also a loan modification. These options are all a means of avoiding a foreclosure and getting you out from under your mortgage debt.

Avoiding foreclosure by a short sale or loan modification

Deed in lieu of foreclosure and short sales

Picking a Massachusetts Short Sale Realtor

Massachusetts short sale debt removal  

Questions to ask a Massachusetts short sale listing agent

I have been successfully completing short sales and would welcome the opportunity to help you escape your debt. In most cases the options available to you will be far better than losing your home. For a complete explanation on the whole short sale process see Massachusetts Short Sales.


Dave said...

Hey Bill, This indeed is very helpful information for all those that are facing foreclosure and short sale, I find the articles you are referring to very useful, after going through those articles I have two words for you, Thank you.

Bill Gassett said...

Dave - Thanks I appreciate the compliment. There are a lot of folks that just don't realize they have options besides losing their home. Hopefully I can help a few out.

Debt Management Program said...

Great articles! Very informational. I hope they get a lot of readers who can be helped by them.

Shaun said...

Thanks for the post. It has helped me in understanding the concept.

Kevin Vitali said...

Great information on short sales as always Bill.

shortsalesafe said...

I agree with you. Getting the right realtor to negotiate short sale is very crucial.