Sunday, January 18, 2009

Real Estate Articles Worth Reading

Like reading about Real Estate? The following articles are some of the better Real Estate posts I have created at my other Real Estate blog Massachusetts Real Estate Voice.

Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Massachusetts Home
This is one of my favorite Real Estate articles. An in depth explanation is given on some of the most common pit falls to avoid when you are selling your home in Metrowest Massachusetts or anywhere for that matter.

Real Estate Capital Gains When Selling Your Home
The article explains the most up to date laws surround selling your home and the Capital Gains tax laws.

Selling Your Home Does Not Have To Be A Mystery
The article explains how properly pricing your home is the most important consideration for achieving success with your home sale.

Social Marketing, Short Sales, And The Seller I Never Met
An explanation of how properly using social networking along with having a strong internet presence can go a long way in helping your clients sell their homes.

Assessed Home Values Rarely Equal Fair Market Value
An explanation why the assessed value of your home has very little correlation to the fair market value.

USDA Loans Mortgage Option For Low To No Down Payment
What is a USDA loan? Who Qualifies? Why is the USDA loan a good mortgage option for those with little or no down payment.

Energy Saving Tips For The Winter Months
A guide to some of the best things you can do to save money around your home in the Winter months.

Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure and Short Sales
An explanation of how a deed in lieu of foreclosure and a short sale can help a home owner avoid foreclosure.

Foreclosure Avoiding It Through A Short Sale Or Loan Modification
This Real Estate article gives the definition of a short sale and also how a loan modification can help a home owner avoid foreclosure.

Selling Your Home In A Buyer's Market
Tips on selling your home in a buyer's market including picking the right Realtor who will create a dominating online presence, pricing your home property, and making sure that it is in tip top showing condition.

Best Remodeling Projects Cost V.S Value For Your Home
A look at some of the best projects you can do to your home and what the projected return on your investment will be. The data is taken from the National Association of Realtors.

Tax Deductions To Remember When Getting A Home Loan
Just purchased a home? These tips will help guide you to make sure you remember the possible tax deductions come April 15th.

Massachusetts FHA Mortgage Loans
A review of the FHA loan program in Massachusetts and why it is a good loan program for those that do not have a large down payment.

When To Lock Your Mortgage Interest Rate
There are always decisions to be made when buying a home. One of them is when to lock your mortgage rate. The article gives some opinions on when it makes sense.

5 Surefire Ways To Turn Off A Home Buyer
A look at some of the things that can prevent you from selling your home and how you can avoid them.

Handling Multiple Offers For A Seller In Real Estate
Negotiating multiple offers can be a tricky subject. The goal is to get the best terms and conditions for you seller clients. Here is a look at how it is down and some of the important considerations.

Preparing Your Massachusetts Home For The Spring Selling Season
A look at some of the better things you can do to get your home to stand out from the competition in a competitive Real Estate market.

Buying a foreclosed home or potential foreclosure property
Are you considering buying a foreclosed property? Why not after all there are plenty of them all around the country and they can typically be bought at a discount to the present market value.

Low cost home improvements when selling your home
In a very competitive Real Estate market one of the things that is vital to your success is how well your home shows in relation to the rest of the inventory for sale. There are quite a few simple things that you can do to improve your chances and maybe put a few extra dollars in your pocket at the same time.

Massachusetts Short Sales
Everything you need to know as a buyer or selling regarding short sales in Massachusetts.

I hope you have found some of these Real Estate topics interesting.

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Thanks Jeremy I appreciate the compliments on my Real Estate articles.

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